2012. június 13., szerda

How is it back here

My departure, way and arrival was mostly escorted by fortune. And while I'm here there is not happened too mentionable things except three:
-yesterday I thought I get a bank account at Halifax about what I was applying online, but today they just realised, it's not open fully, because I didn't prove my address... just like before at all of the other banks. So I did almost nothing about this case.
-but I send a few apply for jobs and get an e-mail about an agency, where I was today. They registering people for waiter, cook, and any kind of catering work. Today they called me back so I have to go to a work at a wedding in this week, and even next week I gonna have waiter job for 5 days. Let's say, it's not too much, but is better then nothing.
-thirdly I feel good in a good place, so no worries.

More in the following days.


P. S.: no pictures today. Next time I gonna come with two.

2012. június 7., csütörtök

Last steps for returning

Tomorrow afternoon I will start my journey back to the island. Hopefully until that time my phone will be unlocked and my diploma of citizenship will be translated and notarized. And one very important thing: I've got my new casette remover tool, what I ordered at monday:
It's a very important and unmissable part between bicycle repairers. Without it I can just watch the backwheel, but do nothing with it.

Ah, and yes, I got a nice deal: 4 GB micro SDHC card (class 4) with adapter. I was happy because of it and try to put it in my Nokia 3110c, but I forget that, the poor phone was made in 2007, and at that time was not so usual a 4 GB card so when I put it in, it doesen't know what is that. So I'll wait for tomorrow for the other Nokia what has a data limit 32 GB, not 2. But everything is all right. Almost.

So this is the brief story of the day. Probably tomorrow I'll miss an entry because of the travelling, but the day after I'll be back.

Have a nice night!
An for those, how does not deserve it, then: night night.


2012. június 6., szerda

Uhh, busy morning

It started this day at 5 AM and for first I got the train to Csíkszereda towards the Hungarian rezidency (actually Lazarus House). So because the early train I had a long hour to enjoy a beautyful morning over there. But let's speak about the point: they invited us (arouond 35 people) to a lounge and exactly at 8:30 we entered the room  to swear for the citizenship. After the Hungarian and Secler anthem and a few nice words we've got the Hungarian citizenship letter. After a glass of champaigne and some posing
my way lead me to eat a proper lunch in cozy, friendly environment and to reach the next train home.
But! The main thing of the day (except the citizenship) it was the information-collecting about: how can I resolve to get my Hungarian passport 'till Thursday. So after a lot of minutes of phonecall to Hungary I realised that I have no chance for it. The main reason is that: though I'm already officially Hungarian, my datas are not yet in the national register. As soon those will be there, I can ask for the passport, what will be ready from 1 to 7 days (depending the thickness of my wallet) if I'll be there personally.

So tomorrow I make this diploma translated and notarized so I can use it in England if accepted.

Few more interesting thing what I faced with today:
First of all here is a poster of an independent campaigner. I don't want to say any negative or positive opinion about it, but it really worth to see:
Sprencz Tamás (independent campaigner of Csíkszereda)
And to see what I'm speaking about, there is another campaing poster just right above:
Now maybe you know what I'm speaking about. And don't get it wrong, please!

But let's not to stop here. Csíkszereda is big so there was other things happened as well. Just like how this following three-picture-group meant to show it:

(Marika, I love you soo much)
 (at least they have something)
And all of this services for only:

But now let's leave the pictures and the willings to rest and have a great night at the far and in the close as well. And enjoy the calmness of a village just like how a business of a city can be also a pleasure.


Oh! And Peter is all right! Even without walking stick...

2012. június 5., kedd

New member

Got a new member into the club:
...and a new shoes and a haircut, to not to forget them.

Tomorrow swear to the citizenship, but they say I have no chance to get passport or ID card before one month. So we'll see tomorrow.

Enjoy your night. Mine it will be just three hours till the train.
I'll be back with more information tomorrow.

Make your sleep good somehow in these days. Bey!

2012. június 4., hétfő

Day after tomorrow

But now is still day before yesterday. I just arrived to this home from Southampton. The journey was smooth... at least for me.
So through everything, like the pretty little pink Wizzair plane,
 and the "cute" Transylvania Airport at Vásárhely,
and the retro
 and regularily dirty communist train,
I'm laying in my bed. Preparing a shoe- and phone buy for tomorrow. And hopefully - in the company of the last mentioned things - I'll be recieving the citizenship the day after.

So far that's all.

Sleep tighty tight.


2012. május 29., kedd

Not a big fault...

...but they've made a lot of cofusion with giving almost the same name to July and June (in my language: június, július). Just one letter difference. So acually it was my fault that I heard July instead of June. So what is the conclusion, why I write this? Yes, I have to go home in this week, not in next month.
You ask why? For what else than the Hungarian citizenship. Yes, I'll get it in next week. I've been just confused with this two months.

So from now I start looking for job like Hungarian. I gonna let you know, how I succeed in this case; but anyway first of all I have to get this diploma. And just after that start the "worth speaking": at 8th of october I'll be an official Hungarian in England.

And to give a little bit of taste, of this idyl, just look at me now:

Hope that you feeling the same good as me and hope the same bright future as well.
Have a wonderful night and just how the closest bedding vendor shop says at the corner: sleep tight.

2012. május 27., vasárnap


Yes, I've got it. Actually at 6th of July I'll became Hungarian.
So I'll be like that, but sill I don't want to delay this job-searching status like Romanian citizen. I'd like to get a job in this case. I hope I'll succeed soon.

Today it was Saturday so not too much thing happened, but the things, what has to be done at Monday, still getting more and more. But the most important to change my EU driving licence to UK driving licence. This'll be good for prooving my adress (in the driver's licence there will be my adress) in any case. Believe me, there is a lot.

So besides other important things this will be the first one what I have to do.

But who can not do any kind of thing, who has this kind of food in the table?:

So dream that you are eathing such kind of thing and have a beautyful night!